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Lynyrd Skynyrd's Drummer 

Artimus Pyle

 Southern Rock Wood Stock  1998

Jeff Arriving to Show.jpg

38 Special Founding Member Jeff Carlisi

 Southern Rock Wood Stock  2003

Ashlee with Jimmie Van Zant.jpg
Clark with Jimmie Van Zant.jpg
Jimmie Van Zant.jpg
Kimmy with Ed King and Jeff Carlisi.jpg

The Late Jimmie Van Zant

 Southern Rock Wood Stock  2002


Lynyrd Skynyrd's Founding Member, The Late Ed King

Kimmie,  and Jeff Carlisi the Godfather

Southern Rock Wood Stock 2007

In a rehearsal studio where Molly Hatchet first came together, across the road from a small club named "The Jug" The first rehearsal for Southern Rock Wood Stock 1997

Allen Collins Band Singer The Late Jimmy Doughtery, Artimus Pyle, Timmy Lindsey from the Rossington Band and now Molly Hatchet,  Jimmy Essary Hall Of Fame from Allman Brothers Band, Clark Chambers Founder of Southern Rock Wood Stock,  Jimmy G guitar The Trucks Band.  Jacksonville Florida

Clark playing White Grand.jpg

Southern Rock Wood Stock 1997, Sold Out 8000 people. 

Uncle Bob's Concert Park, Cecil County, MD

Charlie Woodstock.JPG
Charlie and Herbie.jpg
Kimmy Clark and Ashlee with Outlaws.jpg

Blackfoot's Founding Member Charlie Hargrett

Southern Rock Wood Stock 2001

Kimmy with Coach Skinner.jpg

Pure Prarie League 

Southern Rock Wood Stock 2006

Clark with Jackson Spires.jpg

Coach Lenard Skinner and Kimmie

Southern Rock Wood Stock, 2003

Blackfoot's Drummer The Late Jackson Spires

Southern Rock Wood Stock 1998

Ed By Limos.jpg
Artimus with Mom and Patty.jpg
Clark Sings on Stage.jpg
Clark On Stage.jpg
On Stage Bow.JPG
Crowd Shot 2.JPG
Freddie On Stage.jpg
Timmy in Limo.jpg
Kimmy and Timmy.JPG
Clark and Brandy.jpg
Clark Singing On Stage.jpg
Clark on Stage with Blue Hat.jpg
Clark with Artimus Pyle.jpg
Clark with Ed King.jpg
Kimmy Woodstock Shirt.jpg
American Dream - Southern Mules
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